For more than 60 years the Aiakeion patisserie has been creating and preparing unique products, unforgettable in flavour.

Today Alexandros and Michalis, third generation of the celebrated Aiakeion patisserie, produce a wide range of new products, smooth-textured and crisp, based on the renowned and nutritious Aegina pistachio, and much else besides.

Knowledge, experience, attention to detail, creativity, hard work: all this has contributed to their maintaining their supremacy.

All the ingredients we utilize come from Greek producers. The Aiakeion patisserie is certified on the Codex Alimentarius – HACCP model.

A diet including nuts provides an exceptionally valuable supplement to a basic intake of vitamins, proteins and nutrients.

Possessing the relevant knowledge and experience, the Aiakeion patisserie processes its nuts from the first stage of production and achieves amazing refinements of flavour.

All of our products are exceptional superfoods for the whole family and of course for sporting activists.

Including nuts in one’s diet is an option open to every age group and every time of day, introducing a source of nourishment both balanced and healthful.